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We advise individuals and companies about Health Insurance for all ages.

In 2020, the most number of individuals will be applying for


We learn about you and your needs, and help you navigate a path on how to apply & get the coverage that will meet your specific Health, Dental, Vision, and exercise needs.

If you are approaching Age 65, you have 3 months on either side of your Birth Month to apply for Medicare.   

Call us to make an appointment to meet with you anywhere within those 7 months.

Video Conferencing is available.


For current Medicare eligible individuals, the annual renewal period for 2021 coverage is 

October 15, 2020 & December 7, 2020. 

However, there are sometimes special circumstances that entitle you to update your Medicare coverage at different times of the year.   

Call us so we can advise you of your options.


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Harvey S. Perle is   

licensed in the State of Minnesota in

Life, Health, Accident & Travel, 

and is Certified in multiple brands of

Medicare products.

How does being multiple brand Certified help YOU as a consumer?  

Glad you asked.

Rather than fitting you into a limited number of plans, by having access to a broader spectrum of choices, we are able to find a plan that fits YOU.   Since you are unique, special and one of a kind, you deserve something that is a customized fit.

       Our focus is to help simplify confusing details so you can decide which Health Insurance of Medicare policy

works best for YOU.  

No Fees.  Ever !!