The Perle Mantra:   " Teach, don't sell."

No one likes to be "sold", but everyone appreciates the opportunity to "learn".

Perle & Co.'s Team embraces product knowledge, and are well-reputed in our industry for how well we know our product.   Our role is to empower Sales Associates, and Consumers, to feel as enthusiastic about 
product as we do.  At that point, product then sells itself.   Consumers simply have to define why they need it.  



Expert Product Placement Consultancy 
Credit Card Merchant Services 
Supplier Freight Management 
National Sales Manager Services

Our Company  

  • We offer a great deal of experience in the following categories:  Kitchen Gadgetry, Mills, Textiles, Gifts, Gourmet Foods, Small Electrics, Cookware, Food Prep, Food Storage & Organization, Cutlery, Grill, Hearth, Barware, Coffee Brewing, Accessories, ... and more.  

  • We monitor the pulse of current meaningful trends.

Our Strategy:      Consultative Selling & Education  

  • Our approach to understanding our accounts & their Consumers, combined with the detailed knowledge of the product lines we represent complemented by a broad understanding of the categories we represent, allows us to effectively connect to Buyers, Sales Associates & Consumers.                                                             

Our Style         

  • Through industry product knowledge and professional experience, we strive to build brand recognition and aim to strengthen brand loyalty.                                     

Perle's of Wisdom is our Newsletter sent to our Retail accounts keeping you current on promotions, product availability, new introductions,  reminders of deadlines, etc.  

“Our team has built a culture around learning first. We want to build your trust, earn your respect, and focus on establishing a seamless process to ensure your success. We strive to connect the dots for each and every client.” 

– Harvey Perle, Principal, Perle & Co.  

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novel, and far more effective, approach. 

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