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Supplier Diversity

 Perle & Co. recognizes the growing trend for corporations diligently providing opportunities to work with minority owned business to provide an inclusive environment for fair commerce.  

In July 2012, Perle & Co. became Certified as an LGBTBE, Certificate Number 10503. 


Perle & Co. is a proud Member of the

Manufacturer's Agents National Association.

MANA is the largest association of agents and manufacturers in North America.   MANA is well-known as an association that promotes and holds its members to the highest ideals and ethics of professional conduct. Members agree to abide by our Code of Ethics when they join.

Affiliation with MANA provides an edge with a prospective principal or agent by identifying Rep Principals as the type of person we all like to do business with — someone who is professional, ethical and honest.

Membership also provides various other intangible benefits, including:

  • Networking opportunities within the profession  
  • Shared knowledge from other experienced agents and manufacturers.
  • Representation of our interests at the state and national political level.   MANA promotes legislation beneficial to members at the state level.
  • Promotion of the outsourced sales method of going to market to industry, government and academia.
  • Global business development, promoting access to both domestic and foreign markets.
  • Provides targeted information and resources to educate professional sales companies and manufacturers on how to work with each other as partners to create long-term mutually profitable relationships.