Perle's of Wisdom is our Newsletter sent to our Retail accounts keeping you current on promotions, product availability, new introductions,  reminders of deadlines, etc.  

 “ One of the hardest working and dedicated Rep Agencies.”   

“ A great Team that is very well connected.” 

    - Sean Neiberger, CEO, Allen Reed Co. 

   “I’m impressed at Perle & Co.’s ability to select innovative products that become 
  next season’s successes. Harvey’s product knowledge is extensive, and is able to use      
it, and his wit, to train our Staff."             

- Marie Clifford, The Afternoon       


 “When my team needs a quick turnaround, Perle & Co. has never let us down. Their 
  product knowledge is never lacking, and typically more robust than what we receive 
       elsewhere. Everything and anything requested is always just a phone call away.” 

- Buying Office of a National Retail Chain, Chicago, IL